Will One Fatal Semi Truck Crash Cause Changes in the Trucking Industry?

There are many people who talk on their cell phones and text at the wheel; however, there are other drivers who don't. Some states have made it illegal for drivers to participate in these behaviors while driving, and other states still don't have any type of ban prohibiting these distracted driving actions. Whether you do or don't dial or text behind the wheel, one thing most people can agree on is that texting and phone calls are dangerous and can lead to Iowa accidents and fatalities throughout the nation.

Studies and crash data have indicated that phone calls at the wheel have led to many car crashes and truck accidents. The National Transportation Advisory Board is pointing to one specific truck accident as proof of this point, in hopes of changing truck drivers' behaviors. The deadly truck crash that occurred in Kentucky in March 2010 was caused by a trucker who was on his cell phone and crossed over the median, hitting a van full of people. The ten people in the van were headed to Kolana, Iowa for a wedding and were killed in this head-on truck crash.

Although Iowa is one of 34 the states that do have a texting ban for commercial truck drivers, it doesn't have a cell phone ban for truck drivers behind the wheel. In fact, most states do not, which is what the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is proposing - no phone calls for truckers.

The NTSB recently submitted this proposal to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and all states, including Iowa, asking for the states to pass their new proposal prohibiting truck drivers from using cell phones at the wheel of their big rigs. The proposal is attempting to reduce Cedar Rapids truck accidents and truck crashes in Iowa and throughout the U.S.

This new proposal is receiving heat from truckers. If the new law passes, it would be considered illegal for truck drivers to call anyone on the road, even using a hands-free device. Although safety is the highest priority, truck drivers are concerned that they will not be able to contact their office or customers while on the road. When asked, several truckers stated that they feel that the ban should extend to all motorists and not just target truckers.

However, advocates for the new proposal indicate that when a truck driver is distracted and makes a mistake, the consequences are far more serious to innocent victims due to the size and weight of a truck.

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