Lead Paint Disclosures

Federal law requires sellers of real estate built before 1978 to give potential buyers both a Lead Paint Disclosure and an EPA approved Lead Hazard Information Pamphlet. Landlords are required to give the same information to potential renters.

The Lead Paint Disclosure requires that the seller or landlord disclose any known lead paint hazards within the property and provide the purchaser or renter with any reports related to lead-based paint hazards within the property.

Additionally, sellers of real estate must allow the buyers ten days to conduct a risk assessment or inspection for lead-based paint hazards within the property. The buyer may waive the opportunity to have a lead paint inspection in writing.

In addition to the Lead Paint Disclosure, sellers of real estate and landlords are required to provide EPA approved Lead Hazard Information Pamphlets. The Iowa version of this pamphlet can be found here.

If you have purchased or rented a property without being provided with the required disclosures or information, you may have a right to seek recovery from the seller or landlord. You should contact an Iowa attorney in order to discuss your rights.