What You Should Know About "Free Trial" Offers

Have you ever signed up for a "free trial" offer and found it wound up costing you in the end? You are not alone. Many companies who offer "free" trials require you to take some later action to avoid being charged. Here are some things that you should consider before signing up for a "free trial":

1. Make sure you read and understand the details of cancellation and when you will be charged. Know: (a) how to cancel, (b) when to cancel to avoid charges, and (c) whether you will be notified of an impending charge.

2. Monitor your credit card bills, bank account withdrawals, and any other accounts for unauthorized charges. If you find a charge you did not authorize, dispute it immediately.

3. Check your email, including your spam folder, for notices from the company offering the "free trial" that you will be billed unless you cancel.

4. Beware of cashing a check that comes in the mail with a "free trial" offer. The fine print may obligate you to make future payments.

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