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Iowa Lead Poisoning Causes Three Common Complications

Sadly, children and adults were exposed to lead for so long before anyone understood the dangers and complications that could result from lead exposure. Lead paint in homes and children's toys are two of the biggest ways that children and adults were exposed to lead.

Although we as a society we now know about the dangers of lead exposure, it unfortunately still occurs, as there are many facilities and homes in Iowa built prior to 1978 that contain lead paint. When children reside in these homes or attend daycare in a facility with lead paint, complications can result due to lead exposure.

What are some lead poisoning complications to be aware of?

Complications due to lead poisoning in Iowa can arise and cause a number of health issues. Even low levels of lead exposure over time can be harmful, especially to children. When lead levels build up over time in the body, it can affect the nervous system, organs, and the brain.

The three main areas of complications caused by lead exposure include:

  1. Brain Development Complications: lead poisoning in Iowa can cause irreversible brain damage for children. Brain development issues can cause learning difficulties and confusion.
  2. Organ Damage Complications: higher levels of lead exposure can cause kidney damage and other organ damage to both children and adults.
  3. Nervous System Complications: very high levels of lead can cause damage to the nervous system and cause seizures, weakness of the hands and feet, trouble with coordination and even unconsciousness that could affect both children and adults.

Besides the organ and nervous system complications, children with high lead blood levels may also have trouble with lowered intelligence, hearing impairment, speech difficulties, learning disabilities, developmental delays, stunted growth, anemia and other serious health problems. Lead poisoning in Iowa can cause children with high levels of lead to have complications for life including high blood pressure, academic issues, and behavioral problems. Even mental retardation, seizures, and death could occur in childhood lead poisoning cases.

Both children and adults may develop common symptoms due to the complications of lead poisoning including fatigue, loss of appetite, moodiness, unexplained pain, tingling in the hands, feet or legs, confusion, and digestive system problems.

When lead builds up in the body, lead poisoning can occur and cause many complications for both children and adults. First, lead will target the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells, and then it will affect the nervous system. Over time, the brain, organs and nervous systems can be affected by dangerous amounts of lead that have accumulated over months and years. This is why it is important to have routine blood tests to check blood lead levels.

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