What to Do When Iowa Consumers are Defrauded By Businesses

When you see a product sitting on the shelf of a store, you might assume that the product will last a long time since you are buying it new. Sadly, there is no way for a consumer to tell the difference between a genuinely good product and a defective product that could be sitting next to each other on the same shelf of the store.

If you have found out firsthand that the product you purchased fails to perform as advertised or that it is unsafe, you may have a consumer fraud case in Iowa. Defective products are continually making their way to the market, and consumers are the ones who pay the price.

Types of defective consumer products that are sold at stores and have proven to be dangerous include:

  • Cribs and other baby equipment that cause strangulations
  • Children's toys that produce choking hazards
  • Glass items covered in lead paint that can lead to lead poisoning
  • Electronic equipment that doesn't perform as advertised
  • Automobile parts that prematurely wear out
  • Dangerous household products
  • And many other defective and dangerous products

Sometimes these products are placed into the market before fully being tested. When companies rush their products like televisions, computers, children's toys or equipment into the marketplace quickly before they are ready to be sold, they may have a defective product. Unfortunately, certain companies take this risk, and would rather place their product in the market to start making money than worry about the defects or dangers those products may produce.

When products do not perform anything like their advertisements promised, or if they cause harm and injure consumers upon use, they should be taken off of the market. These bad companies should be held accountable for Iowa consumer fraud that could include financial damages, injuries, and even death.

If a company has fraudulently misrepresented their products or produced defective and dangerous products, you may have a consumer fraud lawsuit in Iowa against the manufacturers, designers, or sellers of such defective consumer products. When a company does not place consumers' safety in front of their own profit motives, they need to be held liable.

If you feel like you have been cheated or defrauded by a business, you may be able to take legal action against them and obtain compensation for the damages you suffered. Contact the Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund to speak with an experienced Cedar Rapids consumer fraud attorney in a free consultation. To reach our Iowa consumer fraud lawyers, call our office at (319) 866-9277.