Iowa Childbirth Malpractice Could Result in Hypoxia Birth Injury

If you are a mother giving birth, you want the best possible result with no complications for you or the baby. You can't imagine that doctors who are trained to deliver babies could possibly mess up, causing serious injuries to your newborn.

However, when a doctor or nurse does make a serious mistake during the labor and delivery process and if your child is denied oxygen for too long, your infant may be born with a hypoxia birth injury in Iowa.

What is a Hypoxia Birth Injury?

Hypoxia literally means deficiency in oxygen, and cerebral hypoxia is when there is a lack of oxygen to the cerebral cortex, which is the outer part of the brain. When a shortage of oxygen occurs to the brain, it could cause lifelong damage for your infant.

Some signs of a baby born with a hypoxia birth injury include:

  • Inattentiveness
  • Cognitive issues
  • Lack of coordination
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Death

If the brain only lacked oxygen for a short amount of time, sometimes a coma can be reversible and signs of function can return. Every hypoxia birth injury is different, as it will be based on the severity of the hypoxia at birth. Sometimes, these birth injuries in Iowa can lead to a life of rehabilitation therapies that can be extensive and expensive.

As a parent, you need to be your child's voice and seek the financial compensation that your child will need to get the right medical care. Your child will need compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, and more. He or she may never have the ability to get a job, or you may have to quit your job to take care of your child. Lost wages and other financial damages will be considered in an Iowa medical malpractice case.

When a child suffers due to a negligent doctor or health care professional, an entire family is affected emotionally, physically and financially. Your child may have short-term complications, develop lifetime disabilities, or even die. Any of these outcomes may be devastating, and you deserve compensation.

When a doctor fails to act with reasonable care, you need to pursue an Iowa medical malpractice lawsuit. Call an experienced Iowa child injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund today at (319) 866-9277.