Injured by Defective Tires – What Now?

Most people do not plan on getting in traffic accidents with other cars let alone in single-vehicle accidents. Defective tires are one of the causes of single-car crashes in Cedar Rapids. Defective tires have been known to explode or blow out when innocent victims are driving on freeways, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles and crash.

Car manufacturers spend so much money and effort on car safety because consumers are concerned about safety ratings, but the same attention should be given to tires. After all, tires are the spot where the vehicle meets the road, and a tire's quality and performance can help drivers avoid Iowa car wrecks.

When tires blow out at high speeds, it can cause serious injuries to the driver and anyone else in the vehicle and can lead to a serious or even fatal Iowa car wreck. The tire manufacturer can be held liable for a poorly designed tire. If your tire suddenly blows out or comes apart at the treads, it may be due to a defective tire. This defective product may be caused by either a manufacturing defect or design defect.

Several reasons why a tire may be recalled due to safety issues include:

  • Tire suddenly blows out

  • Tire cracking or tread chunking causing separation from tire casing

  • Tire comes apart at the treads

  • Tire fails to meet safety measures

If anyone was injured in an Iowa car crash due to problem tires, the tire manufacturer, dealer or tire retailer may be held responsible if the tires are found defective. Tire recalls issued by tire manufacturers continue to be an issue. To look for current tire recalls, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website as they continue to monitor and post current tire recalls.

When a tire is designed poorly or is manufactured improperly, you should not have to suffer. Talk to an experienced Iowa product liability attorney to find out if you have a legal case against a tire manufacturer or retailer. You may be able to receive compensation for damages. Call us at (319) 866-9277 and speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers at Brady Preston Gronlund today.