Why You Should Hire a Certified Lead Safe Contractor for Iowa Home Renovation

If you live in the Quad-Cities area, you are most likely affected by lead paint since most of the homes in this area were built prior to 1978. Lead-based paint was popular for residential use back in the 70s and prior because of its durability and intense boost in paint color. However, if the paint, paint chips, or dust particles are ingested, it can cause a health risk and lead to lead poisoning.

Because of the serious risk, this paint was banned for the use of U.S. homes in 1978. Unfortunately, many homes in Iowa and throughout the nation still have lead-based paint on and in the home. The EPA says that undisturbed lead-based paint shouldn't pose a health risk; however, disturbing the paint by scraping, sanding or renovating a home can create dust and cause serious health problems if these particles are inhaled. According to the new EPA regulations, if you are thinking about remodeling, repainting, or even sanding a home with lead paint, you need to hire a certified lead-safe contractor or make sure you get trained on the safe process for these types of renovation projects.

The new EPA rules, called the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rules, went into effect in April 2010, and have changed the way contractors, painters, remodelers, handymen, window replacement contractors, HVAC specialists, and roofers are required to do their job when dealing with lead-based paint. During the demolition or remodeling process, workers need to wear facemasks, cover the ground with plastic sheeting, rope off the area with yellow caution tape and be trained in work practices to prevent lead poisoning from occurring. They also need to give homeowners a pamphlet titled "The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right."

Because of the certification and more work that is involved with setting up and following the proper process for paint and renovation work, you can expect these jobs to cost more money now. There are some painters and contractors who are not following the proper protocol still and will charge less money for the job. Do not hire a contractor based on their lower fee. Find out if he or she is certified in lead-safe renovation work.

The new rules are being enforced in Iowa as of October 1, 2010, but penalties and fines will not be enforced until April 2011. The Iowa Department of Public Health is trying to get all workers certified at this point. When penalties begin being enforced, workers can be fined up to $5,000 for each violation.

Contractors and other workers are now being forced to get educated regarding working with lead-based paint in Iowa. Statistics speak for themselves, and the EPA wants people to get educated on the harmful effects of lead and how to work with lead-based paint.

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