Discovering Nursing Home Abuse in Iowa

When you pick out a Cedar Rapids nursing home for your loved one, you trust that the staff will take care of your family member. After all, a nursing home in Iowa is responsible for a senior's health and wellbeing. The staff at a nursing home is responsible for feeding, properly medicating, caring for, and keeping their residents safe.

However, if a nursing home is understaffed, it can be difficult for the staff on duty to take care of everything including catastrophic injuries and emergencies. Nursing homes in Iowa and around the nation often run understaffed in order to save money; however, this also puts their residents at risk.

If you find that the nursing home your loved one is residing in is negligent because they are understaffed, they could be committing nursing home abuse. Other types of nursing home abuse in Iowa include:

  • Physical Abuse - This involves slapping, pushing, hitting, kicking, restraining, or improperly medicating a resident.
  • Neglect - When nursing homes do not provide food, water, clean clothing or bedding necessary for residents to live comfortably.
  • Emotional Abuse - This involves threatening, yelling, humiliating and name-calling.
  • Sexual Abuse - This type of abuse involves forcing sex or a sexual act on someone who does not want to participate.
  • Financial Abuse - This involves deceiving or threatening someone to gain their money and possessions.

Any and all types of elder abuse are uncalled for and cruel. If your family member has suffered an injury from a slip and fall accident, heat-related illness, or any other catastrophic injury, you may have a legal case against the nursing home. Especially if you have lost your loved one in a nursing home accident, you may be entitled to wrongful death compensation.

The Law Offices of Brady Preston Gronlund will be able to help you or your loved one recover from nursing home abuse. Contact a Cedar Rapids elder abuse attorney for a free consultation to find out your legal options. Call (319) 866-9277 today.