A Closer Look at What Causes Vehicle’s Roof to Collapse

When you think about your car's safety, the vehicle's tires and brakes most likely come to mind, but the roof of your car is probably not on that list, although it should be. A roof does keep the harsh elements of nature away from you while you are driving your car, but what if the strength of your roof isn't that great and you are involved in an Iowa rollover crash? Having a well-built, strong roof can save your life and your passengers' lives.

What causes a vehicle's roof to collapse?

Common reasons a car's roof caves in or collapses include:

  • Vehicle rollover
  • Improper design or manufacturing defect
  • Falling objects or large amounts of heavy snow and ice (although rare)

Whatever type of accident causes a roof crush, one thing is for certain - the vehicle's occupants are in serious danger. A rollover accident typically produces most roof collapses, as the vehicle flips and lands on its roof. Some of these collapses are due to the force of the accident, but others are caused by manufacturing defects or design flaws by car manufacturers.

Essential safety elements to protect against a roof collapse include roof supports and roll bars. When the roof pillars snap, when the roof collapses in on the driver or passengers' heads, or when the roof flies off during the wreck, it may be defective. The vehicle manufacturer should be held accountable for failing to install basic safety protections, especially after a serious injury or fatality.

Catastrophic Injuries Result From Roof Collapses

Because a roof has to sustain the weight of your entire vehicle in a Cedar Rapids rollover accident, and your head sits right below it, the roof is one of the most crucial aspects to your vehicle's safety. The inside compartment of your car is essentially your survival space and when a roof is crushed in, catastrophic injuries to a person's head and spine my result. Iowa roof crush accidents have been known to leave victims with spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, quadriplegia and other permanent disabilities. The most severe victims may end up with life-altering disabilities or die as a result of roof crush injuries.

According to NHTSA, vehicle roof collapse injuries result in approximately 800 serious injuries and about 600 deaths annually due to vehicle rollovers nationwide.

If you were seriously injured or if you lost a family member in an eastern Iowa rollover accident in which the roof collapsed, you need to seek legal advice from a skilled attorney who has handled these types of matters previously.

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