Where Can Lead Be Found in Iowa?

A toxic poison, lead can cause severe health problems in innocent victims. Children are affected more seriously than adults, because their brains and nervous systems are still growing and developing. Unfortunately, lead can be found in so many places that a child or adult easily can fall victim to lead poisoning.

In the past, lead was extremely common in house paint, gasoline, and toys. These items no longer have lead in them if they are manufactured in the United States. However, people can still swallow or breathe in lead, which wreaks havoc on many innocent victims.

Lead can be found in very common places, even in dirt, dust, and areas such as:

  • House paint in homes built before 1978
  • Children's toys painted before 1976
  • Furniture painted prior to 1976
  • Toys painted outside of the United States
  • Children's art supplies and paint sets
  • Faucets, pipes, and plumbing-If pipes were connected with lead solder, lead can even be found in drinking water.
  • Contaminated soil from car exhaust or paint scrapings
  • Lead bullets
  • Storage batteries
  • Pewter dinnerware and drink pitchers

Even people who are interested in hobbies such as jewelry making, pottery glazing, soldering, stained glass, and miniature lead figures have a high risk for lead poisoning. Always read labels to make sure you are not buying or working with lead products. Also do this when purchasing children's toys. Some paint sets and toys made outside of the U.S. are still made with lead. Read labels and use caution before giving your child any painted toy.

Sadly, people do not even know when they have breathed in lead dust or been poisoned. Because you can't taste, smell, or see lead, it is impossible to know if you have been poisoned without getting tested. Lead can stay in a person's body, leading to serious health issues.

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