What is the Benefit of a Class Action Suit vs. a Private Lawsuit?

If you have been injured by a defective product, dangerous prescription drug, defective tire, or defective machinery, then you may have a legal case against the company that produced that product. For most people, filing and battling a lawsuit can cost a lot of time and money, which is why many choose not to fight back. However, what if a lawsuit didn't cost you a great deal of money? You may be a party to a class action lawsuit. Chances are that if one person experienced harm from a product, that there are others who have been victims as well.

Class action lawsuits put justice in reach for those people who don't want to take on powerful companies alone or spend a great deal of money fighting a private lawsuit. When a group of people have been injured in a similar way by the same product and become part of a class, it gives more people a chance of fighting back.

Class Action Lawsuits Force Companies to Right Their Wrongs

Sometimes class action lawsuits involve small claims, but when they are multiplied by thousands of people, the company that did the wrongdoing is forced to pay the damages and right the wrong. For example, what if the defective product that caused harm to you was a household product? You may feel that it is not worth your time and money to file a lawsuit against that company when the item only cost $40 and your medical bills reached $500, but what if there are thousands of people with the same damage? If the lawsuit is certified as a class action suit, that company may have to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars to the class members, plus they may be penalized with additional fees.

Holding Companies Accountable - Fighting for Justice

Even if the amount of money for a product was relatively small, joining with others in a class action lawsuit sends a message to the unscrupulous company and brings justice for all members. A class action lawsuit in Iowa can be brought by one person, or a few people can act as the plaintiffs for the entire class, which could include hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.

If you have been a victim of defective tires, defective prescription drugs, defective household items, manufacturers that fix prices, businesses who charge unfair fees, or any other hazardous product that caused you harm, you may be part of a class action case. Find out if you are part of a class action case by calling a skilled Iowa class action attorney today.

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