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Agriculture Injuries

As Iowans know too well, agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations that exist today. Not only is it one of the most dangerous occupations, but the death rate due to agricultural injuries is significantly higher than other industries. On average, 516 workers die each year in the United States from farm related work injuries.

In 1990, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ("NIOSH") created the NIOSH Agricultural Centers to conduct research, education and to otherwise develop prevention projects to address the nation's pressing agricultural health and safety problems. The Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health ("GPCAH"), which is a part of The University of Iowa College of Public Health, is the NIOSH geographic center serving the Midwest. GPCAH is dedicated to protecting that health and safety of farmers, farmworkers and their families.

The State of Iowa has established the Iowa's Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, or I-CASH, with its mission being to enhance the health and safety of Iowa's agricultural community through the establishment of prevention and education programs. I-CASH, in conjunction with GCPHA, issues a monthly news letter called Farm Families, Alive & Well.

For additional information on agricultural prevention and education programs provided by either I-CASH or CCPHA, or to access the monthly news letter, Farm Families, Alive & Well, please visit either of their respective web sites at: or

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