5 Reasons For Winter Weather Truck Accidents in Eastern Iowa

As temperatures drop and a chill creeps into the air, it can only mean one thing – winter is here. Although the snow is pretty to look at and fun for children to play in, it can also be a nightmare for motorists in Iowa.

Many people dread driving in wintery conditions because of the ice, which can be dangerous and deadly and cause headaches and stress for everyone involved. Some motorists can wait out the storm while sitting at home; however, truck drivers often do not have the luxury of doing the same thing.

As they are forced to hit the roads during windy, rainy, snowy and even icy conditions, trucks can pose a real safety concern during the winter months. Why?

  • Trucks take longer to stop than passenger vehicles because of a truck’s mass, and they have an even harder time stopping in wintery conditions due to the ice and snow on the roads.
  • Truck drivers spend more time on the road driving than other drivers and may be exhausted from the stress of driving through dangerous conditions. Driver fatigue has been known to slow reactions, making it deadly when coupled with winter weather conditions.
  • It is difficult for truck drivers to anticipate how other drivers will react in winter weather conditions.
  • Trucks can slide out and lose control in slick conditions.
  • Strong winds make it easier for large trucks to blow over or lose control.

Because of these factors, Eastern Iowa truck accidents are more likely to occur during winter weather conditions. As a precaution, it may help you to have a winter driving survival kit in your vehicle that includes a first aid kit, ice scraper, snow brush, shovel, blanket, water, and flares or red flashing lights.

If you have been injured in a winter truck accident in Iowa, or if you have lost a family member in a Cedar Rapids truck crash, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You should talk with the accident attorneys of Brady Preston Gronlund who have experience handling truck accident cases in Iowa.

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